Why A Savings Account Isn’t Enough: Investments Don’t Have to Be High Risk, No Reward

Many of our clients at OneAscent come to us with a dilemma: they’re not sure whether they’re in the right position to start investing. Many are trying to decide how much money to put in low-risk and easy-to-access savings accounts compared to long-term investments to help prepare for the future. As trusted financial advisors, we try to help people individually balance investing and saving.

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Should I be Worried About Inflation?

If you’ve glanced at the TV in the breakroom or perused the newspaper on a coffee table in the past month, you’ve likely seen the one word the entire financial world is debating right now—inflation. Inflation is typically one of those words you’d prefer to not see in the news. Like ‘taxes’ or ‘budget,’ inflation is necessary, but if it’s making headlines, there’s an inherent concern that your wallet will be impacted.

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Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Values-Based Investing

Since its inception, Sovereign Financial has encouraged clients to align their investments with their values because investment is an act of ownership. We believe it is wise to own companies that fill a need in society, produce a sustainable profit, generate a positive return, and bless humanity and the world through their products and processes.

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